How Molly Yeh Does Breakfast

If you’re a fan of tahini, Funfetti, or challah, and spend any time on the internet, you’re probably familiar with Molly Yeh. Creator of the wildly popular blog My Name Is Yeh, she caught readers’ attention with her colorful photos of innovative dishes inspired by her Jewish and Chinese heritage (scallion pancake challah, anyone?). After moving to a farm on the North Dakota-Minnesota border with her husband, Yeh’s cooking style evolved to incorporate dishes native to the Upper Midwest, like cookie salad—yes, that is actually a salad made of cookies—and tater tot hotdish. This weekend, her cooking show, Girl Meets Farm, will debut on Food Network on Sunday, June 24. In anticipation of the show, I chatted with Yeh over email to learn a bit more about her breakfast routine, shooting a TV show in her home, and her love of yogurt.

Extra Crispy: What did you have for breakfast today?
Molly Yeh: A green smoothie that I’ve been having every single day and feeling emotionally basic yet physically excellent about: half a honeycrisp apple, one stalk celery, one squeeze of lemon, a small knob of ginger, one spoon of peanut butter, four shakes of turmeric, a few huge wads of kale/chard/spinach mix, five ice cubes, two seconds of water streaming in, blended into oblivion while I put everything away and refill the ice cube tray, and then poured into my favorite Marian Bull cup. Rinse the blender immediately!!!! Otherwise it will get hard and will be difficult to wash off.

I imagine that you travel a lot for work. What’s your go-to breakfast when you’re on the road?
I begin my search for vegetables asap. So many work trips are centered around finding the best pastries and bread which is a dream (!!!) but also I will die if I only eat that. So if there is a spinach omelette or kale benedict or juice bar near by, I will go that route. Worst case scenario is that the only vegetable-esque option in site is ketchup (but it’s secretly the best case scenario because ***ketchup on eggs 4 life***).

Can you tell me about your new TV show, Girl Meets Farm? Did you make any especially great breakfast dishes?
The show is a melting pot of recipes that include Upper Midwest-centric dishes that I learned about when I moved here (like hotdish and cookie salad), as well as dishes that I brought to the farm that had never been here before, like shakshuka, challah, and hummus. There’s so much breakfast in the show, a third of the episodes are about brunch!! My chocolate marzipan scone loaf was particularly a hit with the crew.

Do you have a go-to breakfast for busy mornings in the kitchen when you’re shooting for your blog or TV show?
During the pilot shoot back in December, every morning a PA would bring me a giant breakfast sandwich and it was the best thing ever. But then I got on this green juice kick and so when we were shooting the rest of the series in April, every morning Kelsi the PA would bring me a green juice while I was getting my hair and makeup done. At the end of the shoot I felt less like a bus had hit me than at the end of the breakfast sandwich shoot.

You recently wrote a Short Stack cookbook, Yogurt. What are your top three favorite ways to eat yogurt?
Underneath a chopped salad and a big drizzle of tahini and scooped up with hot pita, in ranch dressing on a salad pizza, and in grapefruit olive oil loaf cake.

Can you tell me about a particularly memorable breakfast experience you’ve had?
My husband ordered a Russ and Daughters shipment for my birthday, and I’ve been doing everything in my power to make that babka last. On Sunday we had babka French toast with eggs from our chickens and rhubarb from our yard and talked about Chris Froome’s triumphant victory in the Giro d’Italia which is not something I’d ever choose to discuss but everything sounds exciting when you’re eating babka french toast.

What’s next for you? Are there any new projects you’re excited to talk about?
We’re designing a house! It will have a breakfast nook.

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