The Queen of England Eats Special K from Tupperware for Breakfast Most Days

It’s been 65 years since her coronation in 1953, which means Queen Elizabeth II now holds distinction of being England’s longest-reigning monarch. As you might imagine, someone who’s survived in such a high-profile role for that long can tend to be a creature of habit. When it comes to her diet (especially at breakfast), Queen Elizabeth II most certainly is.

International Business Times recently published an in-depth look at QEII’s dining itinerary over the course of the day, revealing a routine that’s both decidedly British and at least somewhat relatable for us common folk. Because she is Britain’s figurehead, she naturally enjoys a spot of tea from the moment she wakes up. The day begins with a pot of Earl Gray and tea biscuits before her morning bath.

Afterward, she meets with husband Prince Philip for breakfast at Buckingham Palace promptly at 8:30. She usually opts for fresh fruit with cereal. In this case, that means Special K stored in plastic yellow Tupperware, a practice that the queen believes is a superior method for keeping cereal fresh. A woman of the people, she insists on pouring the cereal into the bowl herself.

When she switches things up and deviates from cereal, England’s reigning sovereign also has some other specific preferences. She’ll occasionally dine on scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and truffle. She insists on eating only brown eggs, alleging that they taste better.

Meanwhile, Prince Philip, the Queen’s partner of more than 70 years, is more of a toast and jam kind of guy. He usually opts for two different kinds of marmalade (light and dark), accompanied by a cup of yogurt. He also enjoys listening to his Roberts radio, which is an old-looking thing that isn’t great for playing podcasts.

When it comes to the evening, though, things get a bit fancier for Queen Elizabeth II. The International Business Times notes that she often dines on “beef or venison, pheasant or salmon which are brought from farms in Sandringham and Balmoral.” So while her breakfast is readily available to most British subject, her farm-to-table meals in the evening might not be.

Eating Special K for breakfast most days might seem bland, but given that Elizabeth II is still going strong at 92, whatever nutritional advice she’s following has worked well. Having access to excellent healthcare probably plays a role, but if it’s longevity you’re after, sticking to the queen’s breakfast routine probably can’t hurt. Somebody should probably make sure Ruth Bader Ginsburg is following this plan while we’re at it.

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