Draft Beer at Home: One Step Closer to the Dream

A tap at home is the dream of many a craft beer lover. Your particular ale of choice is never quite as good out of the bottle as it is on draft, and some beers are available only by the keg. One solution is a specialized fridge called a Kegerator, but unless you have plenty of space and can consume 5 to 15 gallons of beer in a few days, it’s not very practical. Steve Young (a former stockbroker, not the former quarterback) aims to fix both of those problems through a new Kickstarter campaign.

Young and a team of engineers have developed a beer preservation system and countertop dispenser called the Synek. The system is similar to a single-serve coffee brewer, but instead of using preloaded cartridges, you fill the dispenser with beer. The Synek version of K-Cups are vacuum-sealed, one-gallon bags that can hold carbonation for up to 30 days (unlike a growler).

Any bar or brewery can fill the bag using an adapter on a standard tap. The dispenser, which weighs a reasonable 20 to 25 pounds, allows you to adjust the temperature and pressure, as well as swap out bags whenever you feel the need to move from an IPA to a stout. Young hopes that his system will allow small brewers who don’t have the resources for wide bottle distribution to reach more customers.

The response so far has been positive. In the first few days he has raised more than $48,000 and has garnered support from craft breweries around the country. As with a Keurig or a Nespresso machine, the Synek raises the cost per serving of your preferred beverage. The contraption will cost $300 (a bit less than the cheaper models of Kegerator); and so far Young doesn’t recommend reusing the bags, which cost $15 each (although he hopes to change that in the future). But for anyone who wants to pour a perfect pint at home, this could be the first step in a very happy drinking future.

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