How Bourbon is Made

Here’s a dream vacation for the alcohol lovers among us: Head down to Kentucky bourbon country and spend five days on distillery tours. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time (our livers also don’t have the endurance) to make something like that happen, so why not let the good people over at Gear Patrol do it for you, and then live vicariously through them while getting a bourbon education along the way?

The informative presentation includes staffers from five major distilleries—Maker’s Mark, Buffalo Trace, Willett, Jim Beam and Woodford—providing extremely straightforward explanations about the bourbon distilling process, from beginning to end, as well as what makes Kentucky bourbon so unique.

These nine minutes (oh stop it, nine minutes is not that long—you probably spent nine minutes scrolling through panda gifs) are a great way to fulfill your bourbon distillery tour desires, at least until watching it inspires you to go do a distillery tour on your own. For those who want to dig even deeper, Gear Patrol put together a more extensive series on their writers’ trip, giving a complete guide to the Kentucky bourbon trail.

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