Roomba Beer Pong Is the Drinking Game Breakthrough We’ve Been Waiting For

Worried this year’s Fourth of July is going to be the same old boring fireworks and patriotism? Think again! Just in time for the long summer weekend, a revelation has been posted to YouTube: Roomba Beer Pong.

What is Roomba Beer Pong? If you guessed it’s nothing more than beer pong played with the cups taped onto Roomba vacuums, you are… right. But why would you preface that statement with “nothing more than”? This is the biggest technological breakthrough in beer pong since the invention of the Solo cup.


Somehow, despite only being presented via a vertically-filmed, nine-second clip and including absolutely no verbal explanation of consequence, this YouTube video for “Roomba Pong” truly is all you need to see to open up your mind to a vast new world of beer pong excitement.

Of course, you also need two Roombas, meaning you need to know multiple people who own Roombas or just one person whose unwillingness to vacuum knows no bounds. Or you could go out and buy yourself two Roombas before your weekend barbecue.

Why do I suddenly feel like Walmart is going to see a lot of people trying to return two “water” damaged Roombas on July 5?


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