The Difference Between a Gin & Tonic in 2005 and 2015

How do you make a Gin & Tonic? It’s in the name, right? If you pull out your recipe card for a Gin & Tonic, the title should be at the top, and below that, it should just say, “See above.”

Now, there are certainly good Gin & Tonics and bad Gin & Tonics, typically based on things like quality of gin, quality of tonic and whether you poured the correct amounts of each in your glass. But thanks to the modern cocktail craze, even those elements often take a backseat to what is primarily an alcohol-based dog and pony show. (Note: Never give your dogs or ponies alcohol.)

And though the video above from a couple of teachers at the European Bartender School is clearly satirical, it’s also not entirely inaccurate. From my personal experience, the only thing missing from this scene is me, waiting at the bar, cash in hand, to order a bottled beer.


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