This Popular Blue Bell Flavor is Back, But There’s a Giant Catch

The good news: a beloved Blue Bell Ice Cream flavor is making its triumphant return to the freezer section. The bad news: it will only be available in one state.

Blue Bell recently announced the return of Bride’s Cake, a limited-edition almond-flavored ice cream with white cake pieces and amaretto cream cheese swirls that first debuted back in May. But don’t get too excited just yet. Unfortunately, it will only be sold in Louisiana.

Blue Bell told Southern Living, “We released this flavor in May and while it was popular in all of our markets, Louisianan’s love for this flavor completely surpassed our expectations! We were swamped with requests from our loyal fans through letters, grocery store partners and desperate pleas on social media to bring it back. We were able to get more ingredients and bring this flavor back to Louisiana!”

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“Blue Bell has directed all final production runs of Bride’s Cake to Louisiana,” the company said in a statement to WWLTV. “We no longer have half gallons available, but were able to produce a limited amount of pints. We are aware of the popularity of Bride’s Cake, and are hopeful to produce more in the future to keep this marriage happy and have our consumers walking happily down the ice cream aisle, again.”

This latest run of the decadent dessert will be limited, so grab them while you can!

This story originally appeared on Southern Living

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