A Cheese-Themed Hotel Suite Is Coming to London

First a cheese conveyor belt, now a cheese suite. London just might be the world’s new unofficial capital of cheese.

This week, the UK chain restaurant Café Rouge announced “The Cheese Suite,” a pop-up experience in Camden that comprises of a hotel room entirely dedicated to cheese. Cheese art! Cheese bedding! Cheese everything! The concept, which was designed in collaboration with Cuckooz Homes, is a nod to the restaurant’s “fromage-filled menu”—and if you're interested, you can enter to win a stay for you and a guest the night of February 7.


Introducing the World's first Cheese 'Hotel'… The Cheese Suite, by Cafe Rouge and we're giving you the chance to #WIN a nights' stay! You and a friend could enjoy the exclusive Cheese Suite on Friday 7th February in Camden town.Enter > https://bit.ly/2Fx48Tu

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Based on an illustration from the restaurant’s website, expect the suite’s decor to lean full cheese—an accent wall covered in cheesy wallpaper, a “will you brie mine?” mural on another wall (points for the pun), and a comforter with a Swiss cheese-like design, all in warm shades of yellow. If you get bored, there are cheese board games to play, and cheese “soap” (we’re not sure what this means, really) to wash with. The “giant cheese installations” listed are also a mystery, but if someone left a giant wheel of brie in the room, we wouldn’t complain.

Cheese Suite London

Of course, a cheese suite wouldn’t be complete without cheese to eat, and there’s plenty. Instead of the typical tiny candy bars and little nips of vodka, the mini bar is stocked with cheese and wine, and you can ring a cheese hotline—yes, cheese hotline—once during your stay to get cheese delivered straight to your room. With perks like that, you might be tempted to hole up and stay inside for your whole stay. If you do decide to venture out, know that the suite also comes with a £50 (about $65) Café Rouge gift card, which you can use for a meal for two whenever you please.

There are a few terms and conditions to keep in mind, the first being that only U.K. and Channel Islands residents over the age of 18 are eligible to enter, unless you or someone you’re related to happens to work for the company. Only one entry is allowed per person, and the entry period closes at 23:59 (11:59 pm) on Tuesday, January 21.

If you are qualified to enter, all you have to do is provide your name and e-mail on Café Rouge’s Cheese Suite webpage, and answer one question—how many cheeses are on its croque sandwiches? (Hint: the answer is on the menu.) Travel expenses and spending money are not included.

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