Aldi forced to respond to X-rated tweet about Peppa Pig – ‘It’s an arm!’

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The Aldi shopper took to social media after spotting the X-rated detail.

Keith Bean shared a picture of the Peppa Pig ice cream on Twitter saying: “@AldiUK I was very happy to see these in your supermarket, but perhaps not as happy as Peppa is….”

Aldi Stores UK replied saying: “Keith that is an ARM.”

Many other users took to social media to share their thoughts on the controversial design.

Specsavers commented: “Doesn’t look like one to us.”

Sal Robins said: “Seeing as Peppa’s a girl it can’t be anything else but her arm.”

Twitter user @Wishingstaar commented: “I bought these and had to lie to my daughter about why I was having a little chuckle to myself…

“Oh, ice cream tickles my throat.”

Nick O’Leary said: “Looks nothing like Peppa.”

User @LlamaDramah agreed: “Looks nothing like an arm either.”

Another user, @blnbyheidi, commented: “Ommmgg it was clearly an arm until I read the entire message and now I can’t see it as anything but the initial suggestion lollllllll”

Another user added: “Keith is just referring to Peppa’s huge smile.

“No idea what her arm has to do with it?!”

To what another one replied: “One can forgive Keith for mistaking it as something other than an arm.

“Sometimes a design on paper or computer doesn’t work physically when put into practice.”

“I say mine’s like an arm too,” added a third.

“Now I just can’t unsee it.”

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