Amazon Just Unveiled Its 4-in-1 Smart Oven That’ll Take the Guesswork Out of Cooking

Amazon Smart Oven

You might already know how helpful Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is in the kitchen. From reading recipes out loud to organizing grocery lists to setting timers so your favorite cookies never, ever burn, Alexa is like an extra set of hands (plus an all-knowing brain). And now, Amazon’s ready to make your kitchen even smarter.

On Wednesday, the company announced its revolutionary “Amazon Smart Oven,” which combines a convection oven, microwave, air fryer, and food warmer into one smart kitchen appliance—and though it won’t officially launch until November, it’s available for pre-order now. When paired with an Amazon Echo device, you can ask Alexa to preheat your oven, cook one of the more than 30 preset recipes that are built into the device, or even remind you to flip or stir your food.

Amazon Smart Oven

To buy: Amazon Smart Oven, $250;

Amazon boasts that its new Smart Oven will take the guesswork out of cooking. Large enough to fit a five-pound chicken, the device has internal temperature and humidity sensors and a detachable temperature probe to make sure your meal isn’t over- or under-done. Plus, the oven’s Scan to Cook feature makes heating up frozen foods even easier: Simply use your Alexa app or Echo Show to upload cooking instructions and times from select packaged foods, and the Smart Oven does the rest. Priced at $250, the Amazon Smart Oven also comes with an Echo Dot smart speaker to make the experience complete.

The Amazon Smart Oven was one of ten new Echo and smart home devices Amazon debuted at its Devices event Wednesday, including its new wireless earbuds with built-in Alexa capabilities, a colorful Echo Glow lamp, and a new 8-inch Echo Show. What’s more, Amazon will continue to expand its collection throughout 2020 with even more products, like the Echo Loop—an Alexa-enabled smart ring—Alexa-enabled glasses called “Echo Frames,” and a pet tracker, the “Ring Fetch.”

The Smart Oven doesn’t launch for a couple more months, but you can pre-order now and it’ll ship on November 19, just in time to help you out with all those Thanksgiving dishes you’re planning. (Fair warning: If you want in on this savvy new device, we recommend pre-ordering it ASAP—we anticipate it’ll sell out fast!)

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