Arby's Is Launching Enormous-Looking Brunch Sandwiches in Select Locations


Arby’s: they have the meats. Sometimes they have so many meats that you wonder how you’re going to make it through the meal alive. Sometimes they turn that meat into a “carrot,” upending your fundamental understanding of “meat” in the process. But that was all just a prelude to something truly unexpected and revolutionary: Arby’s is serving brunch.

Well, not technically brunch, since I don’t think mimosas are on the Arby’s menu just yet (and I’d frankly be worried if they were). But they are serving “the flavors of brunch whenever you want” if a sign advertising two new breakfastified sandwiches is any indication.

Specifically, those all-day brunch burgers are the Brisket Avocado & Egg sandwich, alongside a Bacon Ham & Egg. Both are absolute units, piled high with so many ingredients that you’ll probably need a fork and knife to take these things down.

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The Brisket, Avocado & Egg pills up the aforementioned egg and brisket as well as cheese and a big hash brown patty, slathering each of the two buns with a silky-smooth avocado spread. The Bacon, Ham & Egg Brunch Sandwich has its titular ham and egg as well as a hash brown, alongside deceptively sweet elements like “cinnamon-sugar bacon” and a “French toast-inspired sauce,” according to Chewboom. I have no idea what a French toast sauce is supposed to taste like, so color me intrigued about that at the very least.

As with all releases of new menu items like this, there’s no need to rally your brunch crew just yet— unless you live in northeast Ohio. Based on available information and sightings, it seems Cleveland is the epicenter of Arby’s testing efforts, with the brunch sandwiches also showing up in nearby Willowick and Canton, Ohio as well.

So if you’ve ever wished that one of the more confusingly carnivorous fast food chains would try its luck at brunch, well, here you go. Just be sure to schedule in some time for a nap immediately after wolfing one of these sandwiches down.  

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