'Beercations' Are On the Rise

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Anyone who’s ever had a job knows that there’s nothing like a post-work beer or happy hour to unwind after a long day. And when our jobs really get to be too much, a vacation is often the only recourse available for maintaining one’s sanity. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that many smart people have planned a trip around the ultimate combination of hydration, celebration, and relaxation. 

As a recent survey conducted on behalf of “Visit Anaheim,” reveals, a full 70 percent of 2,000 American beer drinkers polled admit that they’ve taken a “beercation,” which in this case means they’ve traveled somewhere specifically to sample the local alcohol of the region. Slightly more respondents (72 percent) have done a beer tasting while traveling, so presumably two percent of people just kind of accidentally walked into a brewery and went with it. 

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Based on the data collected by OnePoll, it seems that Europe leads the way as a beercation destination. Given that it’s known for Oktoberfest, a multi-week event in Munich that more or less revolves around drinking beer, Germany unsurprisingly tops the list, with 47 percent of beercationers visiting Deutschland. California, perhaps owing to its wealth of craft breweries and vineyards (after all, the survey mentions “alcohol” and not beer) comes in at 41 percent. Similarly, the wine producing heavyweights of Italy and France both attracted 35% of beer/winecationers. 

In addition to revealing where drinkers like to travel, it also revealed that a sizable portion of them are perhaps more pretentious than knowledgeable when it comes to beer. Despite 72 percent of respondents regarding themselves as knowledgeable about beer, only half of those polled know the four main ingredients of beer (grain, hops, yeast, and water), while just over a third (35 percent) could even tell you what “IPA” stands for. It’s India Pale Ale, ya dummy. 

With the world being such a stressful place these days, I’d say we all deserve a beercation, even if it’s more like a beerstaycation at the corner pub. So grab a six pack of hefeweizen and start planning. 

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