Burger King's New $1 Mini Shakes Are the Perfect Size (and Price) for a Pick-Me-Up


Back in the day before “nutrition” was a thing, the milkshake was a quintessential component of the American fast food experience. While the milkshake hasn’t exactly disappeared from America’s fast food menus, it functions more as a decadent dessert than something that you’d naturally opt for to wash down your burger and fries.

But what if milkshakes were small enough that you could enjoy them as a little treat with your Whopper and fries without having to loosen your belt afterwards? That would seem to be the premise behind Burger King’s latest menu innovation, the $1 Mini Shake.

Available in Vanilla, Strawberry, and a Hershey’s syrup-laced Chocolate flavor, these nine-ounce shakes give you a taste of creamy goodness without sending you into a full-on sugar-induced frenzy. Compared to a regular Burger King shake, which weighs in at 761 calories, this is a much more palatable 370 calories. Talk about having it your way.

In case you needed someone who films YouTube videos in their car to help you figure out how these Mini Shakes taste, fast food YouTube Peep This Out! Describes them as a blend of soft serve and syrup topped with whipped cream. Don’t let the mini-ness fool you. These things are thick and sweet, which is pretty much what you’d want from a good milkshake.


So if you’ve regarded regular-sized Burger King milkshakes as too daunting or unjustifiably expensive, now’s your time to shine. You can find these $1 Mini Shakes nationwide starting now. Heck, go crazy and combine all three of them into one bigger shake if you want.



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