Busch Light's New Corn Cans Help Raise Money for Farmers in Need


With the pandemic’s widespread disruption of food supply chains meant the market for what they harvest dried up overnight, 2020 has been a rough year for America’s farmers for reasons beyond their control. While the government has stepped in to buy up some surplus crops to help, that won’t solve the problems plaguing a line of work that’s fraught with challenges even under normal circumstances.

In an effort to provide some level of help, AB-InBev brand Busch is showing its support and raising funds with a limited edition Busch Light can that depicts America’s most popular crop: corn. While the beer thankfully won’t taste any more like corn than it normally does, the bright-yellow rebranding is a show of support to nonprofit organization Farm Rescue, which offers “free harvest assistance to farm families… experiencing a major illness, injury or natural disaster” according to the Salina journal. In its 15-year history, Farm Rescue has helped nearly 700 family-owned farms stay afloat during tough times.

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While the corn-themed partnership might seem unexpected, beer brands like Busch are heavily dependent on the crop and the American farmers who harvest it. As Anheuser-Busch’s website puts it, “Corn is an important ingredient in many of our value beers. We buy roughly 16 million bushels of corn each year because it is a critical ingredient in Busch, Busch Light, Natural Light, to name a few.”

Helping out with Busch’s partnership with Farm Rescue couldn’t be easier or, honestly, more enjoyable. Literally all you have to do is buy a corn-themed pack of Busch Light between now and the end of 4th of July weekend, and a dollar will be automatically donated to Farm Rescue (Up to $100,000). That money in turn will go to help farmers in Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, the Dakotas, and Kansas during these unprecedented times.

So if you’re having a tough time deciding between brands of budget light beer over the next few weeks, opt for the one that will specifically support a worthy cause. Maybe it’ll make that corn-brewed beer taste just a little bit sweeter.


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