Captain Morgan Gingerbread Spiced Rum is Christmas in a Bottle


‘Tis almost the season for both gingerbread and (clandestinely) spiking holiday beverages like eggnog with various forms of booze. So often, tasting the sweet spice of gingerbread and hiding your drinking from your relatives have existed adjacent to each other in the month of December. Now, finally, you can enjoy both of those cherished holiday traditions at the same time in one convenient package. 

That comes courtesy of Captain Morgan, who seem to have dropped a Gingerbread-infused take on their spiced rum just in time for spiked egg nog szn, after being spotted by Instagrammer @FoodieWithTheBeasts at a liquor store. The label itself declares “‘tis the season for Captain Morgan,” surrounding the famous pirate leader with snowflakes. Dude should probably put on a warmer jacket, or at least a scarf.

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So how’s it taste? Two bald guys in a YouTube video describe it as spicy, noting that it almost has a bit of a whiskey taste thanks to the gingerbread. They suggest mixing it with something warm and creamy like coffee or eggnog that’ll balance things out and bring out some sweetness to tame the gingerbread spice a little bit, ultimately referring to that sort of creamy, gingerbread combo as a “good after-dinner drink.” 

So unless you like the burn of something like Fireball (which, to be fair, is cinnamon-based), you’re probably going to want to mix this up with something else. Regardless, you’ll find Captain Morgan’s take on holiday rum available at your local liquor store soon if it isn’t there already. Those who’ve spotted it suggest that it retails for about $22 for a fifth, but obviously prices and participation will vary. It’s sure to be the VIP (or at least the curiosity) of your next Christmas party or costumed holiday bar crawl. 



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