Celebrate Pride at Home With These Rainbow Recipes

Rainbow Layer Cake

Pride parades and parties may be canceled amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean Pride Month is canceled. While it’s vital to look for ways to honor the civil rights struggle inherent in Pride Month, it’s symbolic and fun to pair that with some iconic rainbow celebration via fantastic food. Check out these seven colorful bites to whip up this and every month. Because Pride is really a year-round ideal.

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Rainbow Candy Cake 

Skittles Rainbow Cake image

Bake the rainbow with this gorgeous, candy-colored layer cake. As bright and mood-boosting as the cake is on the outside, what's inside is even more fun: a stash of Skittles waiting to tumble out when you cut your first slice. (Don't worry—we have a great hack that helps you pull off this sweet creation with ease.) And we love the icing rainbow with marshmallow clouds. 

Get the Recipe: Skittles Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Layer Cake 

Rainbow Layer Cake

Baking a cake is pretty easy, but what separates the amateurs from the pros is often icing technique. The great thing about this cake is that you don’t have to be an expert at decorating, because iffy icing jobs will be covered with a layer of colorful sprinkles, making this a great bake to do with older kids and teens. 

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Rainbow Veggies 


Add more vegetables to your summer repetoire with these easy grilled peppers. You could even add eggplant to a plate of red, orange, yellow, and green peppers to make a full rainbow of grilled veggies. 

Get the Recipe: Grilled Rainbow Peppers 

Rainbow Salsa 

Rainbow Salsa image

Rainbow Salsa image

Ditch the jar salsa and upgrade to this fresh explosion of color. It’s actually six different salsa recipes plated together to make a most dynamic spread. It’s perfect for summer entertaining, too, so bookmark it for post-pandemic cookouts. 

Get the Recipe: How to Make Rainbow Salsa 

Rainbow Pancake Stack 


Create a Pride-themed brunch at home with a stack of multi-colored pancakes. You could also do the same with waffle or crêpe batter. 

Get the Recipe: Rainbow Pancakes

Rainbow Swirl Cookies 

Unicorn Poop Cookies

How cute are these cookies? The great thing about this recipe is that you can swap out colors for whatever swirl you like. You could make a batch of traditional rainbow flag-colored cookies, but you could also do a swirl of light blue, light pink, and white for the transgender pride colors. 

Get the Recipe: Unicorn Poop Cookies

Rainbow Cereal Treats

Rainbow Dessert Bowls image

Instead of using plain rice cereal for marshmallow rice treats, try fruity cereal for a Pride-inspired twist. And for another twist: Use a muffin pan to mold the cereal mixture into tiny bowls! They’re perfect for holding a scoop of ice cream. 

Get the Recipe: Rainbow Dessert Bowls

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