Cheers! This Giant Jenga-Inspired Set Is Filled With Hidden Jello Shots for the Best Drinking Game Ever

Tipsy Topple: Silhouette-Lifestyle

Right about now, you’re probably wondering how you’ll survive a summer without access to all those oversized board games that every bar with a backyard and a location in a gentrifying neighborhood seems to have. I feel your pain.

But the good news is that you can still get drunk while playing Jenga from the comfort and safety of home, all without having to pay $8 for a craft beer that you pretend to like in order to look cool. 

Tipsy Topple: Lifestyle

That’s thanks to the Tipsy Topple Jenga game, a larger than life variation of the classic. In addition to a nearly three-foot-tall tower, six of the 9” x 3” game pieces feature one two inch-deep hole that's big enough to hold a Jello shot, and another six feature two jello shot-sized holes. Yup, it’s going to be that kind of a Jenga game. 

While Tipsy Topple won’t make the Jello shots for you (probably for some very understandable liability reasons), you’ll have the freedom to dole them out as you see fit. You can force someone who makes a successful pull to take a jello shot as a handicap. Alternatively, maybe an opponent should have to down one before their turn to make them lose their poise. You can even create a set of color-coded Jello shots to be placed in bricks at random to add an element of chance. The choice (and the responsibility) is yours.  

Tipsy Topple Game with Carrying Case

Buy it: $120,

Obviously, the same conditions for victory apply as in normal Jenga: whoever topples the tower loses. I’d just recommend playing in teams of two (or more, frankly), otherwise you’re probably only going to remember playing the first game. 

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