Chef details hack for restaurant quality poached eggs

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Chef Kelly Scott is a professional chef and culinary instructor from Orange Country, California. She is the woman behind Kelly’s Clean Kitchen, a personal chef company creating bespoke meals for individuals. Kelly also posts her cooking insights on her TikTok account (@kellyscleankitchen).

Kelly has amassed a following of over 600,000 followers on TikTok and a huge 8.9million likes for her expert tips.

She shared her “foolproof way to poach eggs” to fans, amassing a huge 6.7 million followers.

The professional chef and food expert has experience making hundreds of eggs, she told fans.

Kelly explained: “I used to have to poach hundreds of eggs for breakfast service, and this is a foolproof way to make the perfect poached egg.”

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How to make poached eggs

Kelly demonstrated the below method to make perfect poached eggs:

  • Crack it into a fine mesh strainer. This allows the loose whites to go through and the firm to stay making, making your egg more uniform
  • Put your egg aside and then get your water going
  • Heat it to 180F, or 80C, or til it’s barely bubbling
  • Swirl the water and then in the middle of this swirl, pour your egg
  • Then swirl the water a little bit more because I like the shape it makes
  • Once the whites form, lift the from the bottom of the pan so it doesn’t stick
  • After two or three minutes, check the egg is cooked by gently tapping on the top, the yolk should jiggle but the whites should be set
  • Put it on a paper towel and then serve

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Kelly said: “You can do this with multiple eggs at once and it still works.”

Some followers thanked her for finally helping them poach an egg. One wrote: “This inspired me to make poached eggs as soon as I saw it. I literally never made them myself before and it actually worked really well!”

Another said: “I’ve tried so many different methods for poaching eggs and this one finally worked for me!”

Another told the influencer: “I tried this and it came out really well! Thanks!”

However, not all had joy with the method. One said: “Tried this and it all fell apart. The water was cloudy with whites and the yolk split. Had to throw it out.”

Another added: “Wrong. Totally not the way to do it. use a large look ladle add egg and lower in boiling water.”

Poached egg tips

Use vinegar

Put a little vinegar in your poaching water. This helps the egg bind together, so it doesn’t split when poaching.

Use a small bowl

Put your cracked egg into a small bowl before poaching. This helps the egg to form and keep its shape while poaching.

Use fresh eggs

Fresh eggs will poach the best, so make sure you buy them as fresh as possible and poach them quickly.

Use a ladle

Crack the egg into a ladle and then lower the ladle into the water. Then, when the egg is cooked, simply lift the ladle gently out.

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