Cinnabon Has a New Churro-Flavored Drink—With a Churro On Top


We’re more than two months removed from the start of 2020 (a stressful year for sure), which means it’s totally fair to bail on your New Year’s resolution while feeling like you still made some progress. If for some reason you’re still trying to avoid indulgent, delicious treats, you’re definitely going to want to schedule a cheat day or five once you get a look at what Cinnabon’s got going on lately.

Introducing our NEW Churro Chillatta, a magical, frozen blend of churro & caramel topped with a bonus churro because why not?

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What you’re looking at isn’t some sort of Cinnabon fever dream, but the very real Churro Chillatta. It distills the cinnamon-y taste of a churro into Cinnabon’s existing milkshake-like Chillatta drink format. On top, you’ll find a pile of whipped cream, a caramel drizzle, and an entire damn churro on top of the thing. In both Churro Swirl and Churro Stick options. If you’ve ever fantasized about using a churro as a straw, well, this may be about as close you can get.

The release of this limited-edition drink comes at a time when churros and churro-based beverages seem to be having a moment. Churro toffee has taken Disneyland by storm in various forms, including a Churro Toffee Cold Brew. But unless you live in California and/or want to pay to travel to Disneyland, you’ve kind of been out of luck until now.

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Thankfully, a Cinnabon press release suggests that this is something of an attempt to bring the emerging churro craze to the masses. “Churros have become such a popular treat, we had to find a way to mix it up and deliver it in a beverage," Cinnabon CMO Karyn Sarago said. "This over-the-top beverage experience catches your eye and is sure to have loyal Cinnabon fans and new guests craving churros all spring long."

There’s no exact details about how long this suite of Churro Chillattas will be available, but you better get down to your local mall or airport sooner rather than later. I mean, at the very least saying that you drank a beverage with a churro in it makes for a pretty great story.



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