Cook a roast chicken in an hour without an oven – recipe

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The cost of living crisis is said to be making traditional Sunday dinner’s a thing of the past. But not if you have an air fryer. The popular kitchen appliance can crisp and roast your favourite foods, in half the time and with half the fat of a conventional oven or fryer. Here’s a quick and easy guide to making a roast chicken in less than an hour. 

TikTok creator @airfryer_jen is on a mission to help and inspire as many of her followers with air fryer recipes. 

In a recent video, she showed her 78,000 followers just how easy it is to make a roast chicken. 

Using her Ninja Dual air fryer, she placed the chicken, breast up, in the basket and sprayed it with some oil. She then seasoned the meat and closed the air fryer. 

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Having chosen the roast setting, she then turned the temperature to 190 degrees Celcius. 

The timer was then set for one hour and the air fryer got to work. 

The video resumed when the timer had five seconds left on the clock and she opened the machine to reveal a perfectly “golden” chicken, with “crispy skin”. 

Hundreds of people commented on her video with their own suggestions. 

Graham Ellis301, who has the 7.6l Dual Zone Ninja can cook “two chickens at once if needed” in his machine. 

He prefers to “cook for the first 20 minutes upside down, then turn for the last 30” minutes. 

And Gareth Hayes agreed: “The best thing to do is put in upside down for 30 minutes and then turn it over and put on for a further 30 minutes.” 

LisaJHunt asked: “Why do you turn it, if you don’t mind me asking please?” And Gareth explained: “All the juices go to the bottom. Flip it and they come back through the meat and it doesnt dry out on top.” 

Jen tried this method for another video and whilst the chicken wasn’t as golden, it was “much juicier”. 

Instead of 190 degrees Celcius for one hour, she lowered the temperature to 160 degrees Celcius and set the timer for an hour, but halfway through, she removed the chicken, flipped it over so it was upside down. 

After it had finished cooking, she removed it and carved it to show how juicy and moist the meat was. 

While it’s a lot quicker to use an air fryer instead of an oven to roast a chicken, it’s also “cheaper” and Jen shared an appliance comparison chart.

Feed Your Family – an online community that shares recipes, tips and meal plans to help households save money – created a Cost of Cooking Chart. 

Using an electric cooker would cost 87p per day based on average use. 

Compare that to an air fryer, which costs 14p per day based on average use. 

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