‘Creamy, soft, fluffy’ mashed potato recipe

Gordon Ramsay reveals ‘secret’ fluffy mashed potato recipe

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Poppy O’Toole is a Michelin-trained chef who shares her cooking insight with a huge audience of fans. The self-proclaimed “potato queen” disclosed her mashed potato recipe on TikTok to her 2.7M followers.

She’s amassed a huge 45.6M “likes” on her videos on the account @poppycooks where this detailed video was posted.

She said: “The ‘potato Queen’ is going to give you a little mashterclass.” The mashterclass is, of course, a master class in mash.

Poppy said: “I’ve studied for 25 years of my life the starches and proteins in the potatoes and I’ve developed the best recipe.

“You’re going to need a starchy potato like a Maris Piper.” She also suggested a Russet would be suitable.

On how to prepare your potatoes, Poppy said: “Now you’re going to cut them into centimetre rounds and put them into cold salted water.

“You want to simmer them rather than boiling them until they are just falling off the knife.

“Now drain them off and leave them to stand for five minutes, so they’re getting a bit dryer.

“Now add cold butter in it and use a sieve or a potato ricer rather than a masher – it will give you a finer potato mash.”

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For those who like a bit of milk or cream in their mash, Poppy has advice too.

She said: “Then if you’re adding in a liquid like cream or milk you’re going to want to keep that warm.

“Then it’s going to get absorbed quickly into the mash meaning less stirring time, meaning a less gloopy mash.

“It’s just creamy, soft, fluffy and absolutely fabulous.”

A fan and former chef vouched for the recipe, and said: “As someone that’s worked in restaurants and hotels as a chef can say this is the way we had to make mash potatoes.”

Others offered their suggestions to perfect mash. “I add a little bit of truffle oil at the end, so good,” one wrote.

Another said: “I add chicken stock to mine.” But, not everyone was enamoured by Poppy’s approach.

One said, “I kinda like chunky mashed potatoes though,” while another said, “No, I want the chunks.”

“This looks great but I also like the chonks and skins sometimes,” another said.

If mash isn’t your thing, how about this clever recipe to make roast potatoes in an air fryer? 

A British woman showed how she makes the crispy staple side easily in an air fryer. The clever method has a huge 1.7M views on TikTok.

First, she boils the potatoes. Then she seasons with salt and pepper, thyme, garlic, cornflour, oil, and paprika.

Then, put the potatoes in the air fryer for 30 minutes until crispy and delicious.

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