Dairy Queen's Mint Oreo Blizzard Is Back For Spring


March is almost upon us and pastel-colored snacks and treats are in full swing. We’re simultaneously in the midst of St. Patrick’s and Easter season, and every day, a cream-hued dessert is released or comes back for another victory lap.

Case in point? Dairy Queen’s Mint Oreo Blizzard is returning to DQ as March’s Blizzard of the month. While I firmly believe that ice cream can and should be enjoyed all year long, the return of sunlight, growth, and opportunities to wear short sleeves makes a perfect excuse to enjoy a mint green Blizzard. And you don’t even have to wait until March: the Mint Oreo Blizzard is available at participating Dairy Queen locations now, starting at $2.89 for a mini.

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According to Dairy Queen, the Blizzard is “comprised of Oreo pieces and crème de menthe blended with DQ’s world-famous soft serve.” So yeah, it’s chilly, sweet and refreshing, just like the month of March, and tastes like early spring in a cup. If you prefer something less thick than a Blizzard (and for some reason don’t like Oreos), you can still get that satisfying minty flavor in a DQ Mint Shake (at participating DQ locations, of course).


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