Del Taco Is Getting Into the Aromatherapy Game

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Sometimes, all we want in life is to be fed tacos and told we’re pretty. It’s a pretty reasonable request, and one that can be satisfied at any number of taquerias. However, there’s only one chain that will feed you tacos and make you smell pretty.

That’s because Del Taco is introducing a line of aromatherapy products designed to mimic the pungent scents of its products. Thankfully (or disappointingly, depending on your perspective), you won’t have the chance to smell like a Queso Crunch Taco or some Carne Asada Fries. Instead, the “Craveable Sweets & Scents” line will feature half-ounce bottles of churro, vanilla, and chocolate essential oils.

Why aromatherapy scents? The launch seems to have something to do with Del Taco’s upcoming Mini Churro Dipper milkshake, which seems like it would hit on some (maybe even all) of the aromatic notes put forth by these scents.

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Of course, Del Taco is no stranger to olfactory-based marketing stunts. Earlier this year they schemed up “Eau de French Fry,” a bar of soap meant to mimic the smell of fresh French Fries. Elsewhere, KFC has introduced fried chicken-scented bath bombs, and Jimmy Dean made Christmas Wrapping paper that smells like sausage. So at least by that standard, Del Taco’s latest scented product deserves credit for actually smelling like something you’d actually want to smell like.

Both the aromatherapy set and the churro shake will retail for $1.49. Even with the $5 shipping and handling you’ll have to pay, that’s still a great deal compared to what you’d probably shell out for a more legit vanilla scent at Bath & Body Works or somewhere fancy like that. So if you want to smell like a milkshake from a fast food restaurant, be sure to check Del Taco’s webstore on October 1st, the day that all of your churro-scented dreams come true.  

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