Dinner in a Pumpkin

READY IN: 35mins


  • 1 baking pumpkin
  • 1lbbeef
  • 1cupboiling water
  • 2potatoes
  • 2carrots
  • 1pepper
  • 2garlic cloves
  • 1onion
  • 1beef bouillon cube
  • 2tomatoes
  • 12 cuprice

  • *if using large pumpkin, double or triple recipe depending on the size of the pumpkin*.
  • Take out insides of the pumpkin.
  • Steam pumpkin until cooked so you can stick a fork into it easily.
  • Make rice.
  • Mince onion and garlic.
  • Dice potatoes, carrots, pepper and tomatoes.
  • Slice beef into cubes.
  • In pot, put in water, potatoes, carrot, pepper, tomatoes and bouillon cube and cover and let cook for 15 min occasionally stirring. Occasionally add water and stir inches Vegetables should be soft. If needed, cook for longer.
  • Saute beef with onion and garlic until done.
  • When done, stir in rice and beef and put into the pre-steamed pumpkin and serve.
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