Drastic change Queen would make to Buckingham Palace menus if not ‘what she wanted’

Darren McGrady reveals the Queen's favourite cakes

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The Queen, 96, has many staff members who take care of her daily needs, including what she wears and eats. Francis Page, a former member of the Queen’s household division, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about his experiences. He said: “I was employed in the Queen’s household division as a Queen’s guard based mainly at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.

“But sometimes I found myself working at St James Palace and the Tower of London.

“Although my job description put me down as a Queen’s guard, I would also provide guard to other members of the Royal Family including Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton.”

According to Mr Page, the chefs at the royal palaces “always cater for the Queen’s personal meals”.

He added: “I know and used to see that the Queen eats a healthy and balanced diet.

“There is a team of the best chefs at both Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle and these always cater for the Queen’s personal meals and banquets.

“Some chefs were my friends and it was easy to chat with them during those lunch breaks.

“They would prepare menus well in advance (three to five days) and send them to the Queen to take her pick on what she would like to have for breakfast lunch and dinner.

“Then the Queen would decide what she wanted on those menus and sometimes she would cross out the whole menu and opt for a different menu.

“That’s why there were three different menus sent out to her but very well in advance.

“So there wasn’t any set menu at all,” the expert noted.

What did visitors to see the Queen eat?

Mr Page claimed: “If there were visitors or dignitaries visiting, they would ask those guests in advance if they had any dietary needs that needed to be catered for.

“Royal chefs can prepare all types of dishes so there is no need to worry about what to eat whichever part of the world one came from.

“Even for us as guards our menu would change throughout the week to allow us to have a variety.

“Eating well was very much something the palace had catered for and still is.

“Because they wanted everyone working for the Queen and other royals to be fit and healthy just like the royals.”

Mr Page expanded on his favourite thing about working for the Royal Family.

He explained: “I really enjoyed rubbing shoulders with all the royals right from the Queen down to Princess Anne.

“I remember spending time with Prince William and Harry in the same tent during the 2012 Olympics in Windsor. This was when I was providing them with security at the rowing venue in Windsor.

“But working at Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and all these other royal houses meant that we were seeing royals first hand and in very close proximity on a daily basis.

“You could hear William giggling in the next room at Buckingham Palace and you could hear Kate’s soft voice.

“Not forgetting the days William and Kate used to inspect us on Parades for St Patrick’s day at Victoria Barracks Windsor.”

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