Dunkin’ Extends Free Doughnut Friday Through April


As you’re reading this on the internet right now, you’re acutely aware that we’re living through some stressful and trying times. Basically, what I’m saying is that we could all use a free doughnut right about now.

Thankfully, Dunkin’ has made the wise choice to extend its existing Free Doughnut Friday offer through the end of April. Initially launched at the beginning of March, the offer lets any DD Perks member claim a free holed, circular breakfast pastry with the purchase of any beverage at Dunkin’. It’s easy to enroll for said Perks program with a few taps in the Dunkin’ app, and the offer is easy to redeem once you’ve got it all set up.

In case you’re (rightfully) concerned about the logistics of actually collecting said free doughnut, the app has a solution for that as well. You can simply place a pickup order and collect it from the store without anything resembling human contact, so that’s at least one way to mitigate the risk. Dunkin’ also offers delivery through Grubhub, which is free through April 6. However, you might want to make sure that your nearest Dunkin’ is doing delivery before getting that order in.

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On top of free Friday doughnuts for us civilians, Dunkin’ is also doing its part to help the frontline medical workers saving lives. According to a press release, the coffee and doughnut chain has sent sampling vans to various hospitals  around the northeast, offering free cups of coffee and munchkins. Beyond that, they’ve sent thousands of pounds of coffee grounds, boxes of K-Cups, and Dunkin’ gift cards to a total of more than 85 hospitals across the country so far.

To be honest, the concept of “Friday” has lost some of its magic given that many are stuck at home every day of the week. But if you’re going to suffer through this—and if you for whatever reason have to leave home at any point anyway—you might as well get a free doughnut out of it.


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