Egg and bacon breakfast recipe you can make in minutes

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Whether you’re feeding the whole family or need a quick breakfast before heading out the door to work, Youtube chefs Sorted Food have a microwave recipe that is simple, wholesome and ready in minutes. Their microwave green eggs and crispy ham bowl is built on the foundations of two breakfast classics, eggs and bacon, but does not require washing a single pan.

The recipe is pulled from the Youtube cooking duo’s new cookbook CBA with the Rules, which chef and co-founder Ben Ebbrell say is showing that “rules were made to be broken, especially in food.” 

The microwavable breakfast recipe, like the others in Sorted Food’s book, “is all about challenging how we think we should cook and take a deliciously creative approach to making amazing food that doesn’t cost the earth or have to play by the chef’s rulebook.”

The egg and bacon breakfast bowl is infused with jalapenos for a spicy kick. While the menu Sorted Food has shared makes one portion, you can increase the ingredients used to create a dish to feed the whole family. 

The food experts shared a step-by-step guide to making the dish with

How to make Sorted Food’s Micro Green Eggs and Crispy Ham Bowl

This recipe serves one.


  • One tablespoon of olive oil
  • Four tablespoons of double cream
  • One tablespoon of pesto
  • Two large eggs
  • One jalapeño, sliced
  • A quarter of a small bunch of parsley, finely chopped

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  • Lay the bacon on a microwave-safe plate and drizzle over the oil. Next, cover with a sheet of kitchen towel and microwave on full power in bursts of 30 seconds until crisp.
  • Mix the cream and pesto in a microwave-safe cereal bowl with a pinch of salt and crack in two eggs.
  • Whack the bowl into the microwave and cook on full power in 30-second bursts until the whites are set but the yolks still have a wobble.
  • Once the eggs are ready, crumble the bacon into the bowl. Then scatter over the sliced jalapeño and parsley. Now, all you need to do is dive in.

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