Embarrass Yourself with this Pair of KFC-Themed Crocs


Unless you take your fashion cues from the heavily face-tatted Post Malone or disgraced ex-restaurateur Mario Batali, you probably believe that Crocs should not be worn in public pretty much ever.

Well, I guess someone important in KFC’s marketing department must be a time traveler from 2006, because the brand has made the questionable decision to combine fried chicken and fashion-backward footwear into a single, unsavory collaboration unveiled this week.



Introducing the official Kentucky Fried Chicken licensed proprietary footwear made in collaboration with Crocs. Do not eat. Coming Spring 2020. (Link in bio)

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It’s as if someone with a monkey’s paw wanted to walk a mile in Colonel Sanders’ shoes and this is what they got. That’s more or less confirmed by the copy on Crocs’ website which describes the shoes. “Covered in a fried chicken print and a striped base, these will make your dreams of wearing a bucket of chicken finally come true,” the unkillable footwear company said. Usually people dream of world peace or even just access to unlimited fried chicken, but sure, this is presumably a dream come true for someone who really has their priorities straight.

Let’s dive into the details. These things are indeed made to look like a bucket of KFC chicken, with a fried chicken print covering the top and the weird heel strap thing, with the sole resembling the bucket below. Even stranger, each KFC Croc is topped with a “Fried Jibbitz™”, a pair of fried chicken drumstick charms that are “made to resemble and smell like fried chicken. Not for human consumption.”

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In addition to the $59.99 limited-edition Kentucky Fried Crocs that’ll go on sale this spring, Crocs also made an ultra-rare pair of KFC-themed platform crocs that made an appearance at New York Fashion Week but won’t go on sale to the public. That’s probably the only good decision that anyone has made in all of this.

So if you want to shill for a chicken restaurant while Gen Z’ers yell “what are thoooose?” at your feet, by all means pick up a pair of these limited-edition unisex crocs. It’s (theoretically) a free country. I just think that $59.99 would be better spent on a KFC feast you can share with all of your friends rather than a pair of tacky shoes that will alienate them.



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