Hard Seltzer Ice Cream Was Inevitable and It's Finally Here

Truly Hard Seltzer Ice Cream Tipsy Scoop

This article originally appeared on Food & Wine.

Over the past few years, hard seltzer has solidified its place as the current alcoholic drink of the summer—a refreshing, often lower-calorie alternative to beer. But now, Truly Hard Seltzer has turned its boozy sparkling water into the perfect summer dessert as well—just don’t expect to save on any calories this time around.

Teaming up with the alcohol-infused ice cream specialists at Tipsy Scoop, Truly has launched four varieties of Truly Lemonade Hard Seltzer Ice Cream and Sorbet—billed as “a first-of-its-kind hard seltzer-infused ice cream,” finally giving us the “Summer of Seltzer 2.0” that we didn’t quite realize we were waiting for.

The four frozen options are based around the latest Truly Lemonade Hard Seltzer variety pack (for the record, Truly Lemonade is a more full-flavored lemonade-like spin on Truly’s more traditional hard seltzer choices) and includes Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet (with a strawberry sorbet base), Mango Lemonade Sorbet (with a mango sorbet base), Original Lemonade Ice Cream, and Black Cherry Lemonade Ice Cream (both of which have a lemon ice cream base).

“No need for elaborate cocktails or homemade hard seltzer slushies when you could have an entire booze infused-dessert right at your fingertips, thanks to Truly of course,” Tipsy Scoop explains on their website. Speaking of which, a spokesperson says the ABV of each pint is five percent—the same as a can of Truly Lemonade in liquid form.

Playing into the “variety pack” idea, Tipsy Scoop is selling a pint of each ice cream/sorbet variety alongside a can of each of the four hard seltzer flavors as one large, warm-weather party-ready shipment for $60. Or if it’s just the sweet stuff you’re after, a variety pack of only pints of the ice cream/sorbet is going for $48. Orders can be shipped nationwide and can be placed at TipsyScoop.com. The company also has six “barlours” across the country in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Citi Field, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, and Dallas.

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