Here's How to Get Your Hands on Free Dunkaroos Today

Free Dunkaroos

This article originally appeared on Allrecipes.

Earlier this year, General Mills confirmed they would be bringing back the hit '90s snack Dunkaroos, after much pleading and gnashing of teeth on social media. The cookie packs aren't available yet, but to tease us a bit more, General Mills announced a giveaway of 5,000 Dunkaroos sets today, April 30, at 3 p.m. Eastern.

At 3 p.m. ET today, Dunkaroo fans can visit and request a free pack of Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles. (Someone get us a scrunchie, stat!)


If you aren't one of the lucky 5,000, there is some good news still. We now know a return date for the cookie packs. According to a spokesperson for General Mills, Dunkaroos will be available as soon as May at participating 7-Eleven stores. They will roll out to grocery stores nationwide by June.

Set your alarms for 3 p.m. ET. You don't want to miss your chance at some early nostalgia.

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