Hostess Released Strawberry Cheesecake Donettes And We Can't Wait to Try Them


It’s been a stressful year, what with the constant atmosphere of disease, death, and now racism kind of just hanging over everyone’s heads. That stress can lead to some peculiar cravings for things like, say, strawberry cheesecake.

Well, if you’ve been waiting to indulge that particular craving in a way that could (theoretically, at least) also pass for breakfast, your moment of greatness is finally here. Just in time for the apocalypse summer, Hostess has released a new Strawberry Cheesecake edition of its fan favorite Donettes, which are essentially just mini doughnuts.


When Hostess says strawberry, they mean strawberry. This new Donette flavor leans heavily on summer’s seasonal fruit both inside and out. The exterior is drizzled with a pink glaze that evokes a sugary strawberry icing you might find on a classic strawberry cheesecake, while the inside is composed of a strawberry cake doughnut. You definitely can’t criticize Hostess for failing to live up to what this flavor promises.

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For heathens who don’t like strawberry cheesecake (first of all, how dare you), that’s not the only new Hostess treat on the horizon. They’re also dropping a Cream Cheese flavor of their classic Coffee Cakes. You’ll find actual cream cheese in the batter, and a sugar-crumb streusel up top. Given that cramming the words “cream cheese” and “coffee” so close together instinctually reminds me of bagels, it’s good to know that this pre-packaged pastry will be pretty sweet.

So if you’ve been too afraid to make a strawberry cheesecake even amidst the Great Baking Craze of 2020, just know that Hostess has your back. Because the only thing better than strawberry cheesecake… is a strawberry cheesecake doughnut. 

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