How to make the ultimate breakfast sandwich – recipe

Breakfast is one of the day’s most important meals, setting you up ready to take on the rest of the day. Many of us can get into habits of eating the usual toast, cereal or even skipping the meal completely in our busy day to day lives.

However, if you have a little extra time this weekend – why not indulge on a decedent breakfast sandwich?

With bacon, sausages, eggs and even cheese if you so wish – this breakfast sandwich is the ultimate in delicious breakfast food.

With restaurants and cafes closed, you can bring brunch to you and spend a few minutes cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

The recipe below calls for sausages, eggs, bacon and bread – but you can swap all of these ingredients for vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free versions if you so wish.

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Add cheese for another twist, or even throw in a hash brown or too if you’re extra hungry.

Pair with your favourite sauce – although ketchup or brown sauce will go down a treat – and enjoy.

Here is a recipe for the ultimate breakfast sandwich


  • 2 Pork Sausages
  • 2 rashers unsmoked bacon
  • 2 eggs
  • Whichever bread you’d like your sandwich in – you can use bagels, bread buns, sliced bread, croissants – the choice is yours
  • Optional – cheese, sauce like ketchup or brown sauce, hash browns.


1. Pre-heat grill to a medium heat.

2. Place sausages on a grill pan and grill for 12 to 15 minutes, turning every two to three minutes.

3. After eight minutes, place the bacon rashers onto the grill pan with the sausages. Cook for five to six minutes, turning occasionally.

4. Take a non-stick frying large enough to accommodate the egg.

5. Add enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan, then add a knob of butter.

6. Place the pan over a low to medium heat.

7. When the butter melts and starts to sizzle, crack in an egg.

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8. After one minute, baste the eggs by tilting the pan and spooning up some of the oil, pouring it over the egg. Baste every minute.

9. Cook for three to four minutes to produce a partially cooked yolk.

10. For eggs “over easy”, flip the egg after three minutes to cook the yolk a little more.

11. Slice the bread bun or prepare your bread slices and add the sausage, bacon & eggs.

12. If opting for cheese, add the cheese on top before closing your sandwich.

If you’d like to add hash browns to this, here is a recipe for how to easily make the potato treat at home

Hash Brown recipe


  • 4 medium floury potatoes, peeled (like Maris Piper or King Edwards)
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • salt and pepper
  • vegetable oil, for frying


1. Coarsely grate the potatoes and onion into a clean tea towel and then squeeze out the excess liquid by twisting the towel. Place the mix in a large bowl.

2. Add the egg, a good couple of pinches of salt and freshly ground black pepper (you need to salt the mixture well otherwise the hash browns can be quite bland). Mix the ingredients well.

3. Heat a good glug of oil in a heavy-based frying pan and when the oil is hot (but not smoking), add spoonfuls of the potato mixture into the pan and flatten into patties about one centimetre thick.

Flip over once browned and crispy – about two to three minutes each side.

Serve hot as a breakfast or supper side dish. Especially good with bacon and eggs.

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