‘I tried a slice of Kate’s wedding cake & I loved the brandy flavour’

Express reviews Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding cake

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Fiona Cairns is the pastry chef behind Kate Middleton and Prince William’s spectacular eight-tier wedding cake from 2011. The Prince and Princess of Wales reportedly chose Fiona because they had already tried the chef’s fruit cake and enjoyed it.

I tried a slice of Fiona Cairns’ fruit cake exclusively for Express.co.uk and I was really impressed.

I would not always choose a fruit cake as my first option, due to the fact that it can often be quite dry.

But I found this fruit cake to be incredibly moist, which was really a pleasant surprise.

My knife cut into the cake extremely smoothly and it held together in a perfect form, which was a nice positive start to trying the cake.

The fruit cake itself was very soft and a strong taste of brandy could certainly be detected, which was a pleasant surprise. The rich cake was topped with marzipan and covered with soft icing.

I love the flavour of marzipan as it certainly enhances the flavour of any cake. Fruit cake is traditionally served at weddings in the UK.

The cake flavour chosen by the Prince and Princess was traditional, but the icing was different.

It was produced with a sugar paste base, as Fiona acknowledged, because a softer icing was specifically requested by the couple.

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Similarly to Kate and William, I also prefer soft icing on a cake as opposed to harder royal icing.

Therefore, I thought this cake was perfect with both its cake and icing elements.

For a sweet finish, the cake I tried was topped with little edible balls to add some texture to the icing.

Of course, Kate and William’s wedding cake had eight tiers and was a lot more intricate, due to the fact that it was a wedding cake.

But a simple slice of fruit cake from Fiona Cairns is absolutely delicious and very reminiscent of a Christmas cake.

Royal fans would love the opportunity to try a sample of a cake that was served at the Prince and Princess of Wales’s wedding back in 2011.

Members of the Royal Family were already familiar with Fiona’s cakes before the wedding, including the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Fiona has said in the past: “William and Kate were already familiar with our fruitcake.” But 2011 marked the first year that the chef worked directly for the royals.

The wedding cake looked incredibly opulent and fitted the elegant theme of the wedding perfectly.

Kate and William’s magnificent cake was an eight-tier dessert, embellished with Lambeth-piped sugar paste flowers.

The cake was three feet tall overall, but it was also incredibly wide, creating a majestic presentation.

The amazing cake, which had eight tiers and weighed a stunning 220 pounds, stood tall at the royal wedding in 2011.

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