I tried Burger King’s newest gourmet burger – it was a ‘masterpiece’

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Burger King is one of my favourites when it comes to fast food, so I was delighted when I received a special delivery from the burger chain itself. The Peppercorn Angus Burger is the newest burger in the premium Gourmet King’s Range.

I was excited as I ripped open the classic Burger King brown paper bag and dug into the new concoction.

It was a glorious beef patty on a bed of rocket topped with sweet caramelised onions and streaky bacon.

There were four pieces of bacon included in the burger which I thought was pretty generous, although it was a little fatty for my liking.

The peppercorn sauce was a delicious addition – and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t usually like peppercorn sauce.

It was decadent, creamy and perfectly complemented the sweet onions too.

Despite there being a lot going on it wasn’t overwhelming, the flavours blended together exquisitely.

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The Gourmet Kings Peppercorn Angus is unsurprisingly calorific, boasting a whopping 769.8 calories, although this is less than several other burgers on the menu.

I’d order it again in a heartbeat for an indulgent cheat meal but probably wouldn’t get it weekly.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a side dish this time but next time I’ll go for fries or crispy onion rings. I washed it down with a refreshing Coca-Cola Zero.

For those with allergies or intolerances, the burger contains milk, eggs, mustard and gluten  and may contain soya and sesame.

The Peppercorn Angus is described by Burger King as follows: “100 percent Angus Beef flame-grilled to perfection, topped with sizzling strips of Bacon, Sweet Caramelised Onions, fresh Rocket and finished with our secret Peppercorn Mayo sauce. It could only be our Gourmet Kings.”

It’s a “handcrafted masterpiece”, “big on taste” without scrimping on the quality of ingredients.

For those hoping to try the Peppercorn Angus, this lovely burger will set you back £7.89.

Hungrier burger fans can enjoy a Peppercorn Angus Medium Meal for £2 extra at £9.89, which includes a medium drink and medium side.

Those really looking to indulge can grab a Large Meal which comes with a large drink and side, at £10.89.

Customers can discover their nearest Burger King restaurant on the Burger King App.

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