Jamie Oliver explains how to make pasta without key ingredient during lockdown

In recent weeks, every evening at 5.30pm, Jamie has appeared on Channel 4 to share his simple cooking tips. Thanks to the Government’s lockdown rules, UK citizens are only allowed to leave the house for essential items. This has led to many trying to scrape meals together from what’s left at the back of their cupboards.


  • Jamie Oliver shares clever ‘swap-out’ food item to use

From two-year-old cans of tomatoes to tinned fish, Jamie has a recipe for it all.

But while many are trying to get their hands on food essentials like eggs from the supermarkets, a lot of stores have run out.

The show, titled, ‘Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On’ helps people at home cook and shop for food during the coronavirus crisis.

This week, Jamie advised viewers on how to make pasta without one key ingredient.

Each of his recipes are intended to be flexible and the chef gives people tips on what ingredients can be swapped.

Today was no exception as Jamie made a delicious pasta dish using very few ingredients – and this included tinned fish.

He showed people how to make pasta from scratch in a simple way which saw his kids get involved.

Jamie introduced today’s show with his two children, Buddy and Petal.

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He described today’s dish as a “family classic”.

“I’m going to show you a dish now that is a family classic – we love, love, love it.”

“And it’s going on from where we started with pasta a few weeks ago that people really loved,” he said.

The TV chef then explained that he will be cooking a dish with tinned tuna, homemade pasta and broccoli which is one of the country’s “most popular vegetables”.

He then added that it was in fact “the end of our shopping week again” which is why the broccoli has seen “better times”.

Jamie then made the pasta sauce using leeks, garlic, broccoli and tinned tuna.

Next, he moved onto the pasta which he made without one key ingredient – egg.

“We are now going to make homemade pasta. Generally speaking, it is 100 grams of flour per person.”

He then explained that you can “bend the rules” and use different types of flour too.

“I’ve used three cups of flour. I’m now going to use one cup of hot water. It’s not boiling water but it was about five or ten minutes ago.

“And that’s going to go into here.”

He made a well out of the flour, pouring the hot water into the middle so it didn’t leak out the sides.

He then used a fork to bring the flour into the middle “bit by bit” so it would start to thicken.

Once it was in one big lump and all the flour was used up, he left it to sit for 30 minutes to “relax” in a damp tea cloth and covered in grease proof paper.

After it has been left to rest, he then shaped the mixture into cavatelli.

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