Krispy Kreme Is Doing Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Fridays

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If you’re an astute and dedicated observer of doughnut deals and discounts, you might recall that Dunkin’ spent the first few months of this pandemic “celebrating” Free Donut Friday. No matter what kind of misery the work week (or week of new unemployment had to offer), that free doughnut was a way to at the very least a tasty way to mark the passage of time as the days started to blur together.

Though that Dunkin’ promotion has come and gone, a new offer from Krispy Kreme shows that Friday can still be a special time for doughnut lovers— as long as they’re willing to pay for something special.

On Friday, July 10 (well, today), and Friday July 31, Krispy Kreme will be rolling out a returning fan favorite: chocolate glazed doughnuts, as part of a Chocolate Glaze Fridays promotion. On these (and hopefully other) select Fridays, Krispy Kreme will give their classic Original Glazed Doughnut a luxurious chocolate bath. Sounds pretty intuitive.

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You should be able to find this special take on an old favorite from Krispy Kreme locations across the country. The magic chocolate doughnut can be ordered via drive-thru, takeout, or even delivery. Yes, doughnut delivery exists at this particular moment in human history.

Setting aside the fact that you can walk into a Dunkin’ and get a chocolate glazed doughnut pretty much whenever you want, this Krispy Kreme offer seems like one worth taking advantage of. Hopefully the Chocolate Glazed Doughnut isn’t limited to just Fridays in July, because I have a feeling we’re going to need all the treats we can get to make it through 2020.



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