Krispy Kreme Is Getting 3 New Fruit-Flavored Doughnuts


If there’s any theme to the shift in our collective eating habits over the past month or so, it’s a fascination with the creation and ingestion of various carbohydrates. Purchases of snacks like potato chips were among the most popular panic buys, and Americans are baking so much that there’s now a full-on yeast shortage.

Well if you’ve eaten all of the carbs you have at home and feel like driving around in search of some new ones, you should point yourself towards your nearest Krispy Kreme drive-thru. Why? Because they’ve got some glazed and filled springtime doughnuts set to roll out over the weeks ahead, an imperfect but certainly tasty substitute for time spent out in the real world.

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Each of the three new doughnuts pairs a fruity glaze with a matching kreme filling, meaning these pastries sport a pastel hue both inside and out. The Strawberry Glazed, Strawberry Kreme doughnut is available on April 28 through May 1. That’s followed by the Key Lime Glazed, Key Lime Kreme doughnut you’ll find from May 5-May 8, a perfect accompaniment for your Cinco de Mayo breakfast margarita. The trilogy concludes with the Lemon Glazed, Lemon Kreme doughnut, set to be sold from May 12-15.

While you can’t just post up and hang out in your local Krispy Kreme right now (in case that’s a thing you were planning to do for some reason), you can order each of these delights at the drive-thru. If you place an order on Krispy Kreme’s website, you can also get them for curbside pickup or even delivery. So unless you were planning on making some pretty complex doughnuts at home, you’re probably going to want to give these a try before this seemingly limited-time offer ends.


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