‘Life doesn’t get better!’ James Martin shares recipe for ‘amazing’ marmalade glazed ham

James Martin makes marmalade glazed ham

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James Martin is one of Britain’s most successful chefs. The much-loved TV personality is best known for hosting his weekly Saturday Morning show, where he cooks for different celebrity guests.

James kicked off the show by demonstrating to viewers how to make a marmalade glazed roasted ham.

The chef said: “I guarantee you will want to try this at home.”

He advised viewers to buy their ham from their local butchers and to follow the butcher’s instructions on how to prepare it.

James put his ham in a big saucepan and added other ingredients to it too.

The chef placed star anise, cinnamon sticks, onions, apples, and oranges into the pan.

James recommended leaving the skin on the onions and only chopping them in half.

He also added “a little” black pepper and said viewers can, if they want to, put in some bay leaves and fresh thyme.

“Fill it full of cold water,” the chef recommended, “make sure it’s nicely covered.”

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James then put the ham on the heat and brought it to the boil.

He said the meat will take around an hour and a half to cook.

Then, when it is done, the TV chef advised putting it in an oven tray.

James carved the layer of fat on top of the ham in a criss-cross pattern and placed cloves in the marked ridges.

He added more halved oranges and lemons, a little more star anise and cinnamon, and then a “touch of water”.

The chef then smothered the marmalade on top of the meat.

He said: “We’re just going to smother this [marmalade] all over the top.

“And what the water will do is prevent this from burning.

“So if it starts to fall off, it doesn’t burn on the tray by adding that little bit of water.”

He then set the oven to 200 degrees and put the ham in it for around 20 minutes.

When the ham is done, the chef recommended serving it with boiled potatoes and a fried egg.

“You’ve got this amazing ham,” James said.

“The marmalade stays on the top as well, which is lovely.

“Life doesn’t get any better.”

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