Lockdown food parcels: How to get free food parcels delivered to you

Several companies have joined together or increased their efforts to make sure the most vulnerable and elderly members of our society still have access to food and essentials. Many people with underlying health issues have been told to stay at home for a twelve-week period, a move called shielding, in a bid to protect them from the worst of the coronavirus. This has left some with financial worries and hardships due to not being able to work. Express.co.uk tells you how you can get food parcels delivered to your door.

How to get food parcels to you

JustEat is the latest in a long line of companies who are helping people out who are stuck in self-isolation.

The food delivery app has teamed up with community-driven charity FoodCycle for a new initiative which sees JustEat drivers deliver free food parcels to people’s doors.

FoodCycle normally works by using donated groceries to create home-cooked meals for those at risk of food, poverty and increased mental health difficulties as a result of loneliness.

Many of FoodCycle’s customers come under the shielding category and have been advised to stay at home for the next twelve weeks.


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This has left some people financially worried as they are unable to bring in a regular income due to lack of work. The service has now adapted itself to become delivery-only.

JustEat, along with their delivery partner Stuart, has stepped in to help on the delivery side of things.

Their contact-free deliveries will support low-income families, people affected by homelessness and those experiencing physical and mental health problems at home.

One person who has benefited from the parcels so far is self-employed mum-of-three Amy, who is in self-isolation due to her asthma.

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown means Amy cannot run her floristry business as normal, meaning she has forfeited all forms of income.


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Amy said: “I have gone from volunteering with FoodCycle to now relying on my weekly food parcels from them to help feed me and my three children.

“I can’t tell you how much it means to get the weekly parcels.

“It is always filled with such good food, which means that I can actually give my children nutritious food and not just rubbish from the freezer.”

FoodCycle is providing food to this most in need by sending food parcels to homes across the UK.

The parcels are comprised of surplus donated foods, including groceries like fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as store cupboard essentials.

Packages range in size and can feed anything from individuals self-isolating alone, to a family of four people.

To find you if you are eligible to receive a food parcel, you will need to fill out a form on the FoodCycle website.

Completing the form doesn’t guarantee the delivery of a parcel as it is subject to further assessment.

If you are entitled to the food and the company is able to help you out, you will receive a text message or phone call to confirm when you will receive your package.

CEO of FoodCycle Mary McGrath said: “Justin, our regional manager for Birmingham has done a fantastic job of collaborating with local charities and getting volunteers on board to switch our service from community meals to delivering food parcels.

“We are delighted that JustEat and Stuart are able to provide their support to help FoodCycle deliver to even more vulnerable people in the area.”

UK managing director of Just Eat, Andrew Kenny added: “With millions doing the right thing and staying at home, this service has never been more important.

“We are proud to be able to provide continued support to FoodCycle and make a difference for those who need it the most.”

JustEat works with more than 35,000 restaurants and takeaways across the UK.

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