Marks and Spencer launches £5 Cook With M&S cookbook full of 20-minute recipes

Good home cooked food has become more important than ever with the coronavirus pandemic, as families are stuck at home and restaurants remain closed. But for those looking for more exciting mealtimes, Marks and Spencer has launched a new cookbook that serves up easy and speedy recipes designed to “transform family meals”. The new book is available in stores now. 


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Marks and Spencer revealed the launch on its social media. Posting on Instagram, the brand said: “The Cook with M&S cookbook has landed! 50 speedy recipes using clever Cook with M&S shortcut ingredients. Pick up for £5 in store when you’re next shopping for essentials. #Thisisnotjust a recipe book – this is an M&S recipe book, guaranteed to make dinner time delicious.”

Fans were quick to comment on the new release, with some saying they’d already picked one up. 

“Bought this today and well worth £5,” one commented on the post. 

Others were asking if they could order one online, but at the moment it’s only available in stores. 

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The new cookbook includes vegan and vegetarian recipes and is based on the brand’s Cook With M&S range, a selection of ingredients that save you time in the kitchen. 

The Cook with M&S range has more than 100 products, including pastes that will add flavour that would usually come with slow cooking, as well as sauces and sprinkles for tastier fish and meat. 

The store cupboard staples are available in store, but you can swap meat and vegetables in and out of the recipes as you please if you don’t have the exact items. 

The book showcases ways to use the brand’s timesavers with quick and easy recipes that feed the whole family. 

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The book includes 12 recipes from chef Chris Baber, who trained with Atul Kochhar at his Michelin-starred London restaurant. 

There are 50 recipes in total in the £5 book, and meals can be made in less than 20 minutes so busy families can spend more time together at the table rather than in the kitchen. 

Recipes include a quick and easy coconut curry that will rival your usual takeaway, family-friendly pasta bakes and even paella. 

The cookbook also comes as more products are added to the Cook With M&S collection. 


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There are four new pastes that have been added to the shortcut range. 

The four versatile pastes include Turmeric and Ginger Root Paste, Roasted Red Pepper Paste, Korean BBQ Paste and Preserved Lemon Paste. 

The jars are designed to help shoppers create dishes from around the world, with minimum effort. 

They are also great value, starting at just £1.30. 

The budget cookbook is sure to be popular as Britons look to make their meals more interesting while the lockdown continues. 

Although rules are starting to relax slightly, many people are missing dining out and trying new foods. 

Takeaway dishes are still popular as people treat themselves with food deliveries that are becoming the new norm for many businesses, but the recipe book will give ideas for meals they can make at home. 

Marks and Spencer has kept its food halls open in the crisis, with clothing and home stores remaining closed. 

Shoppers are advised to wear face masks when going to the supermarket and new social distancing policies are in place in store. 

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