Natty Light Is Looking For an Intern to Create Their Next Flavor

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Covid-19 has caused massive disruptions to both work and school, a fact that’s obvious to the millions forced to collect unemployment and the parents who’ve had to adapt to homeschooling their kids on the fly. Just as disruptive, though, is the potential for the pandemic to wreak havoc on summer internships, a crucial stepping stone for college students hoping to improve their resumes before entering the workforce.

Well, if you’re still searching for a (remote) internship that could theoretically teach you actual business skills while definitely providing you with a good story to tell whenever the bars reopen, have you considered a role with Natural Light?

In spite of the pandemic, the Anheuser-Busch budget beer brand is offering a remote internship that puts one lucky individual with enough beer-drinking experience and creative confidence (the former often breeds the latter) a chance to develop “the next Natty flavor innovation,” as Daniel Blake, A-B’s VP of US Value Brands, says in a press release. Qualified applicants should have a “good WiFi connection, strong supply of Zoom backgrounds, big creative energy” and “just be cool.”

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The lucky intern won’t just take lunch orders, either. Once they’re selected on the strength of their idea, they’ll play a role in bringing their breakthrough new Natty iteration to market, helping to handle “everything from conception to taste to packaging.” More specifically, that’ll involve taste testing flavor combinations, conducting research into mixology trends, attending video conferences with the Natural Light brand team, and vlogging about the experience for social media.

With the surprisingly good Naturdays strawberry-lemonade beer won an award from a real beer festival, coming up with a winning idea won’t be easy. And given that there were almost 12,000 thirsty applicants for the 2019 edition of the Natty Light Summer Internship, expect to face some serious competition.

The good news is that the application process should be fairly easy. Anybody who’s 21 as of April 28, 2020 can post a photo, sketch, doodle, or even a tweet of their idea for a new Natty Light flavor innovation using the hashtags #NattyIntern and #contest through May 15. You will have to fill out an application on Indeed, but at least you won’t have to upload your resume only to have it autofill all of the wrong information on a different page.

So if you want to turn drinking beer at your parent’s house this summer into something you might one day talk about during a job interview, you know what to do. May the chillest applicant win.


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