‘Never going back’: M&S insider shares easy way to make salted caramel latte at home

TikTok user tries out 420 calorie Marks and Spencer pizza

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Marks and Spencer often releases plant-based food items with the growing demand for vegan products. One new release, which has caught the attention of several shoppers is its oatshake in the salted caramel flavour.

One Marks and Spencer insider, called Nicola, took to Instagram to share her new coffee hack.

She told her 7,000 Instagram followers about a new product that she used to make a salted caramel latte.

Posting on Instagram stories, Nicola said: “Just a wee PSA…I used this in my coffee this morning instead of regular oat milk.

“Never going back!

“Pumpkin spice who?! It’s all about the salted caramel for me now.”

The insider then shared a photo of the drink she was mentioning.

It was the M&S Salted Caramel Oatshake that Nicola had used to make her coffee.

The £2 bottle is available now at M&S Food Halls across the county.

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Oat milk has become increasingly popular in recent years, with it being one of the most popular cows milk alternatives.

It has a creamy consistency, meaning it is a great choice for coffee lovers.

The milk has also been raved about by several foodie Instagram accounts.

Sharing the news about the release on Instagram, Marks and Spencer wrote: “Say hello to our new delicious luxurious shakes!

“Choose from vegan salted caramel oatshake or indulgent golden blond milkshake!

“Both are creamy, moreish and incredibly tasty!”

The post attracted more than 300 comments from customers who were keen to get their hands on the drinks.

One Instagram user, Vanessa Kerrigan, tagged her friend in a comment and wrote: “We need to try!”

Another person, Stacey, said: “Need to try these!”

One user, Jaymee, wrote: “This sounds amazing! I bet they taste delish too!”

The milk was also shared by foodie Instagram account @foodienewsandreviews who shared the photo with followers.

What’s more, the bottles come in fully recycled packaging as well as its cap.

Also new to the range is the Golden Blond Chocolate Milkshake, available for £2.40.

M&S also recently released a chocolate spread version as well as a liqueur. 

In other news, Marks and Spencers shoppers have been raving over its frozen garlic bread made daily in store.

The product has gone viral over the last week after it was discussed on TikTok by user @melika_zaidi.

Marks and Spencer introduced the garlic bread freezers to stores for the first time last September.

The retailer said it turns its leftover fresh baked bread into garlic bread every day, before freezing it to reduce food waste.

It can be picked up in M&S stores for just £1.

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