New Oreo Popcorn Is the Ultimate Snacking Experience


With the release of two new varieties already this year, it feels like we’ve hit a level of total saturation when it comes to new and novel Oreo flavors. So what’s the logical next move? Why, Oreo-flavored popcorn, of course.

That’s where something called Cookie Pop comes in. Made by snack makers Snax-sational, Cookie Pop pairs salted popcorn with a burst of sweetness provided via the infusion of “Real Oreo Cookie Pieces,” according to copy on the bag.

Based on what the brand thinks, it seems like this bag of excellence was made with movie snacking in mind.

"Consumers and moviegoers have always loved snacking on their favorite cookies along with popcorn for a fun treat. Now, Snack Pop offers a popcorn snack in the form of Oreo Cookie Pop, for a delicious sweet and savory combo, combining that cookie and popcorn flavor in one," said Adam Cohen, Snax-Sational CMO, in a statement.

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Obviously, a bright snacking idea like this didn’t just come out of nowhere. Oreo Cookie Pop follows in the footsteps of Candy Pop Butterfinger Popcorn and Candy Pop Twix Popcorn, inspired by those bold thinkers who overpay for movie theater candy and dump it into their bucket of popcorn. Still, Oreo Cookie Pop is hard to pass up for anyone with both a sweet tooth and  a salty craving at the same time.

For now, you’ll only find it at Sam’s Club, starting on January 21. That means this is the perfect snack to sneak into a showing of Uncut Gems, a great movie that was savagely disrespected by The Academy this week. Just don’t try to dunk Oreo Cookie Pop in milk for some reason. There’s no telling how that would work out.



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