New Uncrustables Roll-Ups Make a Perfect Summertime Snack


Remember back when the internet seemed torn about whether or not a hot dog was a sandwich? That debate raged forever, inspiring hot takes, strong opinions, and more than a few re-evaluations of the nature of a sandwich.

While it’s unlikely that nearly as many people care to discuss the philosophical nature of the Uncrustable, there’s no denying that Smucker’s has stretched the boundaries. No longer does an uncrustable imply a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without a crust, but potentially something savory (or unsavory, depending on your perspective) and meaty as well.

According to a @CandyHunting find (with an assist from @FoodieWithTheBeasts), Smucker’s has expanded the Uncrustable line to include both Taco and Barbecue Chicken Bites, as well as sandwich-style roll ups.

Smuckers Uncrustables are venturing into the savory category! There's new heat and eat BBQ Chicken and Taco Bites. There's also thaw and eat Turkey & Colby Jack and Ham & Cheddar Roll-Ups. Thanks to @foodiewiththebeasts for the tip on these! Found them all at Target.

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The “bites” would at least seem to stick to the visual format of the Uncrustable, if not its taste profile. The Taco Bites feature a “beef crumble” with cheese, salsa, and taco seasoning “in bread.” The BBQ Chicken variant comes with all white meat chicken with bbq sauce. Nothing extreme there, just kind of a hot pocket in a rounder format.

Really, it’s the open-faced Roll-Ups that really boggle the mind. These Ham & Cheddar and Turkey & Colby Jack Roll-Ups look like something a caterer would hurriedly throw together at the last second for a middlebrow dinner party. They certainly get points for meeting the criteria for not having a crust, but these spirals of frozen deli sandwich seem like an unsettling thing to put in your microwave.

A lot of rules about food have understandably gone out the window during this odd pandemic. But if we say yes to Uncrustables that are really just circular sandwiches, then what kind of standards will we have left once this is all over? If you want to go to the freezer section of Target and pick these up, I can’t stress enough that you really are doing so at your own peril.



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