Peanut Butter & Jelly Deviled Eggs is Your WTF Food of the Day


The great thing about cooking is that your options in the kitchen are almost endless. If you assemble the right ingredients and pair them with your culinary skills and creative thinking, you can whip up whatever you think might taste good.

Just don’t expect the internet to react with unanimous approval if you show off something truly bizarre like, say, peanut butter and jelly and deviled eggs.

What you’re looking at is exactly what it seems like: deviled eggs filled with nothing but peanut butter and jelly. This evil snack looks like this was purpose-built in a lab to trigger multiple different debilitating childhood allergies while traumatizing just about everyone else.

No matter which way you approach it, there’s nothing about this that makes sense. The deviled egg, which I’m personally not very fond of in the first place, should be savory throughout. There needs to be a bit of a salty element to mask the rubbery consistency of the hard-boiled egg. This does not do that.

On the other hand, said hard-boiled egg is a horrible vessel for the classic sandwich spread of peanut butter & jelly. In an ideal scenario, there’s a pretty even coating of pb&j throughout the treat, while these deviled eggs instead deliver an intense concentration of these sweet ingredients in the center. What’s even worse is that one wrong bite could send the entire payload spilling out in an embarrassing mess.

I’d like to think that even those who believe peanut butter and/or jelly belongs on a broader set of foods than we realize would think that this is beyond the pale. This seems like a parody of a 70’s cookbook recipe dreamed up by a sentient ham and jello salad.

Even if you’re foolishly attempting the wine and eggs diet, you should not be anywhere near these pb&j deviled eggs. Please keep this and other similar cursed foods off of my timeline.




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