Popeyes Is Bringing Back Its Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pie

092719-Getty Popeyes Sign

To put it lightly, it’s been an interesting few months for Popeyes vis a vis product launches. Their chicken sandwich drew rave reviews from seemingly everyone who got their hands on one, inspiring shortages—not to mention a secondary sandwich market and some alleged robberies—across the country. It’s obviously a frustrating situation, but at least now there’s a sweet, fall-themed dessert returning to Popeye’s that can help you eat the pain away. 


I’m of course referring to their Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pie, which returns to the Popeyes dessert menu after five painful, pumpkin-free years. The Louisiana-style chicken chain describes this sweet, turnover-looking menu item as a “flaky, crunchy crust that is rolled in cinnamon sugar and filled with a delightful creamy pumpkin spice cream cheese filling.” It sounds like the kind of absolutely decadent treat that just makes you want to put on a sweater and roll around in a leaf pile. 

Though there doesn’t seem to be much of an explanation for the five-year absence, the unabated frenzy for anything remotely pumpkin-flavored that sets in once there’s a slight chill in the air is as good a reason as any to bring it back. Maybe Popeyes is throwing its fans a bone by offering them something new to munch on after they polish off a BYO-bun chicken sandwich. 

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This pumpkin-flavored pastry will be available at Popeyes locations nationwide for the low price of $1.19 (though price may vary by location). Given how seasonal most autumnal offerings like this are, don’t expect this to be around forever. Hopefully Popeyes has learned their lesson from the Great Chicken Sandwich Shortage of 2019 and will have enough of these readily available to feed the masses this fall. 

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