Ramadan food box: How to get Morrisons food box for Ramadan this week

The COVID-19 crisis preventing Brits from going to the supermarket other than for essentials and stockpilers clearing the shelves, but what does this mean for Ramadan? Morrisons is launching a food box that includes traditional items and staples popular during Ramadan, so how do you get it?

What do Muslims eat during Ramadan?

Ramadan starts this week and Muslims will be fasting from sunrise to sunset.

When the sun goes down, prayers start and the day’s fast is broken with the ‘Iftar meal’.

The meal normally contains fresh fruit, vegetables, halal meats, bread, cheeses, and sweets.

Morrisons is making sure followers of Islam don’t have to go without during Ramadan.

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What is the Morrisons Ramadan food box?

The new ‘Ramadan Essentials Box’ is being launched today.

The box comes just in time as Muslim customers prepare for a month of religious observation, starting on Thursday.

Noor Ali, Morrisons World Foods Senior Buying Manager, said: “This box contains many of the products that will see Muslims through Ramadan.

“Our food boxes are a lifeline for many customers at this very difficult time and are providing essential food to people that either cannot leave their home or struggle to reach the supermarket.”

What is in the Morrisons Ramadan food box?

The box includes core staples such as dates and chicken breast fillets, making Ramadan at home easier for customers.

The boxes aren’t identical, with selection varying based on current availability of products.

Morrisons is unable to specify exact contents of each box, but a typical box may include:

  • 400g pack Madina Mixed Dates
  • 750g Jar Indus Ginger & Garlic Paste
  • 500g pack Shalimar Raw Almonds
  • 1kg KTC Hot & Spicy Chicken Fry Mix
  • 80g pack Rajah Chicken Masala
  • 80g pack Rajah Chaat Masala
  • 1 litre Rubicon Mango Juice Drink
  • 1 litre Laila Piri Piri Sauce
  • 4 pack Medium Onions
  • 1kg bag Baby New Potatoes
  • 1kg pot Lancashire Farm Natural Bio Yogurt
  • 650g pack Shazans Select Chicken Breast Fillets
  • 1.6kg – 2kg pack Shazans Select Peri Peri Chicken Platter
  • 2 packs Morrisons 6 Stonebaked White Pitta
  • 1 pack Morrisons 6 Stonebaked Wholemeal Pitta

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How do I get the Morrisons Ramadan food box?

You can order the food box online here.

They cost £35, just like the Morrison’s Meat Eaters Food Box and Vegetarian Food box.

You can also get a Family Meat Box for £45, or a Market Kitchen Meal Maker Box for £30.

After ordering, the boxes are delivered the next day by DPD.

This is a safe and easy way to get your shopping done during the COVID-19 crisis.

What else is Morrisons doing during the pandemic?

From the very start, Morrisons has been looking out for its customers.

Morrisons started producing 10,000 food boxes-a-week at the start of the lockdown, and are still producing as many as they can.

The number is expected to reach 200,000 food boxes in the coming weeks.

The boxes- produced across three Morrisons sites- aren’t the only help Morrisons are giving, though.

Morrisons is also helping the elderly and vulnerable by expanding it’s home delivery service and making more slots available to customers both through Morrisons.com and the Morrisons Store on Amazon Prime Now.

The supermarket has also introduced an NHS hour for the workers to come in and shop from 7am to 8am Monday to Saturday.

Morrisons is even providing a dedicated telesales phone line which enables customers to order essential items over the phone.

These items are picked and delivered by their local Morrisons store the next day.

To top it all off, you can order essentials from Morrisons on Deliveroo.

Morrisons is partnering with Deliveroo so customers can order from a range of essentials delivered to their door by a Deliveroo rider on the same day.

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