‘Save bread from going to waste’ with clever food storage hack

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Max La Manna is a chef who shares “delicious, simple recipes for everyone” on his Instagram account (@maxlamanna) where he has one million followers. The chef is an expert in reducing food waste and saving money.

He is the author of two cookbooks, More Plants Less Waste and You Can Cook This!, which will be published in March 2023. His recipes help families to eat healthily and to save on food waste.

Max has appeared on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen detailing his recipes and tips to save on food waste. He also shares his food tips and tricks on his YouTube account, where he has 24K followers, and on his TikTok account, where he has 126.3K followers.

Recently, he posted to his Instagram account detailing a clever way to make bread last longer, saving food waste and money. The hack could make your bread last up to four months.

Mas told his followers: “Bread is one of the most commonly thrown away foods around the world here in the UK. Twenty million slices of bread are thrown away every day. I repeat 20 million slices every day go to waste in the UK.”

So, how does Max tackle keeping his bread fresh? He went on to detail “one tip to save your loaf of bread from going to waste.”

He said: “Now this is what I do. I pre-slice my bread. I place it back into the bag and I place it in the freezer.

“It’s ready to come out of the freezer when I’m ready to use that other half loaf of bread. I just pop it in the toaster, let it thaw out and good to go. It’s easy, try this at home.”

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How long can you freeze bread?

Bread can last in the freezer for four months, or even up to six months in some cases. Make sure to wrap the bread tightly with plastic wrap before freezing it.

It’s also wise to make sure the bread is sliced before you freeze it, so you can choose to just defrost a few slices at a time. However, some crusty bread like a baguette will fall apart when frozen, so it’s best to eat these the day you buy them.

How to keep bread fresh

Use a breadbox

Breadboxes are one of the most popular ways to keep bread fresh for good reason. The wooden boxes provide airflow and the perfect humidity for bread.

Keeping bread in plastic can make bread go soggy and that will encourage mould, but can be fine for bread you will eat quickly.

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Use a wax wrap

Some homeowners swear by using a beeswax wrap for storing bread. The reusable wraps are better for the environment than clingfilm and foil and are breathable – helping the bread to stay fresh for longer.

Use celery

One content creator has advised a clever and easy “how to” trick to help bread stay fresh. The kitchen expert, who goes by The Board Housewife, advised: “Keep buns of bread from moulding by adding a fresh celery stick in the bag.” 

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