Sour Punch Trees Are Coming to Stuff Your Stocking


Christmas may still be more than a month away, but don’t let anyone selling snacks and candy know. Treats like mystery candy canes and Elf on the Shelf snack cakes are already available to purchase, and they’re gonna keep snowballing until December, which is truthfully the opposite of a problem. 

But if you’d prefer a little more sour in your stocking, you’ve come to the right place. Sour Punch starts selling their new Christmas candy, Sour Punch Trees, on Monday, November 18. The cherry- and lime-flavored candies are dusted in a sugar coating that’s not too sour (If you can’t handle Sour Patch Kids, these make a nice alternative), and they’re shaped like Christmas tree halves which makes them very fun to stick together. Plus, they come in snack-sized bags that make perfect stocking stuffers or miniature gifts to hand out at school or work. 

Sour Punch sent us a box to try, and our office has a lot of fans. One taster thinks Sour Punch should make candies like this for every holiday, while another grabbed another bag to stuff in her husband’s stocking. If you also bought Sour Punch straws every other weekend at Blockbuster, these little tree segments will spark some serious nostalgia. The flavor is just like what you’d find in the straws, although the texture is denser since these aren’t hollow. 

If you just want to go ahead and give everyone on your list a bag of these, you can snag an 18-pack box for $14.99 here. 

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