Take a Peek Inside the Cheez-It Bunker Filled with a Year’s Supply of the Brand’s Newest Snack

At a time when marketing campaigns need to be more over-the-top than ever to grab customers’ always-divided attention, Cheez-Its may have come up with their cheesiest stunt yet. Last week, the brand announced it had stashed a year’s supply of snack crackers in a bunker somewhere in the United States. Whoever finds it, the bounty will be theirs.

Granted, this bunker is filled with the new, light and crispy Cheez-It Snap’d crackers. Though enjoyable, this iteration isn’t as exemplary as original Cheez-It crackers or the Cheez-It Extra Toasty variety. Still, when it comes to snacks, as our exhaustive taste test shows, there are far worse brands you could be stuck with than everything Cheez-It.

So the idea of a Cheez-It bunker certainly intrigued us — and though the clues to its whereabouts are still being revealed on Twitter — the brand has just leaked the first photos of this cracker-filled compound, with entry being awarded to one lucky grand prize winner in just a couple of days.

As you can see, the secret locale has everything you’d want from a snack bunker including a beanbag chair, a TV, multiple changes of clothes, air conditioning, an oversized game of checkers, and a clock so you can monitor just how many hours you’ve dedicated to eating nothing but Cheez-It Snap’d crackers.

So where is the damn bunker for those interested in trying to get their hands on all those snacks? Well, yesterday, Cheez-It revealed that it is located somewhere in New York City — meaning at least 8 million people are now suddenly in much better striking distance of the prize than they may have thought. Then today, the next clue: one of those “Magic Eye” puzzles…

Sadly, I’ve sucked at doing those things since they were first introduced in the ‘90s — but double whammy, I don’t live anywhere near NYC anyway. As a result, I’ll just have to get my free Cheez-It’s the old-fashioned way… having my mom buy them for me.

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